In 2011, I graduated with a Public Relations Advanced Diploma from Cambrian College and in 2013 I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications from Laurentian University.  After graduating from Laurentian I landed my first job at a food co-op, Eat Local Sudbury Co-op (ELS). While working at ELS I grew a passion for graphic design and how design cane be used as a tool to educate people.

Through graphic design I was able to start a conversation about the importance of supporting local farmers, sustainable agriculture, food security and working towards a viable community. This is when I decided to go back to school.

Since 2016 I have been volunteering on an organic farm called, Farm Tough. Farm Tough was a start-up project my friends and I took part in. I manually planted and harvested organic vegetables, transplanted, weeded, cleaned, packed and loaded harvested products to sell to the Sudbury community. I took part in this project because many neighbourhoods in Sudbury are food insecure and do not have access to affordable, healthy food. The goal of the project was not to make a profit but to have accessible healthy food within the community.

During my time there I was responsible for content creation on all social media platforms, maintenance of the website and creation of print materials which included brochures and event posters.  I also found a love for photography that has helped me throughout my graphic design journey.

During my first year I’ve gained many valuable skills that have contributed to a quicker workflow, working more efficiently and prioritizing my workload. I am in good academic standing and teachers have given me a very encouraging picture of my efforts and appreciate my hard work.  Since last year I have been able to build my portfolio which includes social media campaigns, poster designs and photography. A travel photograph of mine came in third place during International Education Week 2018 at Mohawk.

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